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Community Engagement Specialist

Company: Children's Home Society of Florida
Date Posted: May 7, 2018

OBJECTIVE: To coordinate the development and implementation of programs and campaigns that engage the community in efforts supporting CHS’s mission, vision, and values.


  • Develop and implement innovative strategies, policies, processes, and tools that maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of community engagement programs and campaigns including but not limited to fundraising, in-kind giving, volunteer management, national service, work-study, internships, and advocacy.
  • Train staff and volunteers on CHS’s contractual and quality assurance standards and requirements.
  • Support donor and community partner cultivation through monetary and in-kind campaigns, volunteer activities, outreach and advocacy; identify relationships that warrant further cultivation and involve other CHS team members when appropriate.
  • Coordinate the recruitment, placement, orientation, training, engagement, supervision, evaluation and recognition of national service members, work-study students and interns; work with site supervisors and appropriate staff to support the same efforts.
  • Develop and implement strategies to help programs meet match requirements and provide needed resources to clients.
  • Support the data collection, reporting, grant writing and renewal processes for community engagement programs and campaigns.
  • Coordinate and participate in work groups to identify, inform and implement best practices and policies, integrate activities, obtain approvals, communicate issues and resolve problems in a timely manner.
  • Build nurturing relationships with the Division Management, Philanthropy, Communications, Human Resources, MIS, other CHS staff, and community partners to cultivate additional resources through community engagement.
  • Participate in the quality management process.

This list of essential functions is not intended to be exhaustive. Children's Home Society of Florida reserves the right to revise this job description as needed to comply with actual job requirements.

Job Qualifications:

REQUIREDAll degrees must be from an accredited university. 

  • Bachelor's Degree in Human Services, Public Administration, Non-Profit Management, Business Administration or related field
  • Two years of volunteer management and/or community outreach experience


  • None


  • Ability to handle confidential information appropriately
  • Effective verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to travel
  • Ability to learn computer skills sufficient to perform all essential functions
  • Ability to be sensitive to the service population’s cultural and socioeconomic characteristics
  • Commitment to effectively and efficiently providing customer satisfaction with positive service delivery results
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Ability to work in a diverse environment
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Proficiency in all Microsoft Office products
  • Effective presentation skills


NEEDED:  driving, repetitive motions, sitting, standing, walking 

PREFERRED:  bending/stooping, climbing stairs or ladders, crawling/crouching, kneeling/squatting, lifting up to 30 pounds, pushing/pulling, reaching overhead.

Supervised by:  Statewide Director of Community Engagement

Below are the outlined expectations for the position to be added in addition to the current job description for Community Engagement Specialist for Early Head Start:

1.       Community Engagement Specialist will be responsible to ensure that the annual Non-Federal Share for the Early Head Start Program is met at 100% for each Program Year as required under the Early Head Start Contract.  Community Engagement Specialist will accomplish this through coordination of volunteer groups, fundraising, in-kind donations, cash contributions, grant writing, space, training, PAR’s, client homework, or any other community engagement activity necessary to meet the target goal of 100% for Non-Federal Share requirements.  The 100% requirement for Non-Federal Share will be assessed at a quarterly-minimum (25%) to ensure benchmarks are being met to meet the annual Non-Federal Share Requirement.

2.       Community Engagement Specialist will be responsible to track and provide monthly-minimum updates to the Program Director, Director of Program Operations, and Associate Executive Director on the status of Non-Federal Share for the Early Head Start Program.  For any month in which Non-Federal Share is not on target with the 1/12 monthly distribution target goal(s), Community Engagement Specialist will provide a separate tracker or document outlining a detailed, feasible recovery plan which will include:

a.       Current Non-Federal Share amount (and percentages) for the current month and Non-Federal Share YTD update(s)

b.       List of all activities conducted to achieve Non-Federal Share goal requirements for that month and all activities scheduled to recover any deficit from the current month by the following month

c.       Projected Non-Federal Share totals for the following month and YTD as required

3.       Community Engagement Specialist will be responsible to meet with EHS Program Director on a monthly-minimum to provide updates and plans and receive approval prior to submitting the tracker to the Director of Program Operations or Associate Executive Director.  These meetings should be utilized to brainstorm activities, methods, staff (internal or external), leadership assistance or escalation, training, or any other avenues to meet Non-Federal share requirements for the month and for the year.

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