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CFRE Review

For CFRE Candidates, please visit the CFRE website:


 Here you will find a list of the test content modules, resouces, candidate handbook and more.  In order to sit for the CFRE exam, you need to have a required number of points in a variety of proficiency and experience areas.


The 2017 AFP First Coast chapter meetings will have, at the registration table, an "education tracker" for use in tracking required education session points to sit for the CFRE exam.


A 2017 calendar of review courses to assist in your CFRE study and preparation will be posted by January 30, 2017.



2017 Testing Dates:


2017 Testing Windows               Testing Dates                        Application Deadline


#1                                    Jan. 15th to March 15                           January 5th


#2                                    April 15th to June 15                               April 5th


#3                                    July 15th to September 15                       July 5th


#4                                   October 1st to November 30th             September 30th



The standard exam fee is $875; AFP members receive a discounted fee of $700.


For questions pertaining to AFP First Coast Chapter's CFRE activities, contact:


Jan Kary, CFRE